The following is a listing of the jurisdictions currently supported by NASBA International Evaluation Services.

Alabama Hawaii Mississippi Oregon
Alaska Idaho Missouri Pennsylvania
Arizona Illinois Montana Puerto Rico
Arkansas Indiana Nebraska Rhode Island
California Iowa Nevada South Carolina
CNMI Kansas New Hampshire South Dakota
Colorado Kentucky New Jersey Tennessee
Connecticut Louisiana New Mexico Utah
Delaware Maine New York Vermont
District of Columbia Maryland North Carolina* Virgin Islands
Florida Massachusetts North Dakota Virginia
Georgia Michigan Ohio Washington
Guam Minnesota Oklahoma West Virginia  

    * North Carolina candidates must have approval directly from the North Carolina State Board in order to apply for the NIES international evaluation report.

    The International Candidate Process Flowchart is designed to guide candidates through the steps required with NASBA International Evaluation Services (NIES). The flowchart has 7 brief videos that show details beginning with the initial application through NIES report completion. The videos can be a helpful tool for candidates starting to navigate their CPA journey and ensures all steps are followed so there are not delays during the international evaluation portion of the process.

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