Cost: $250

This credential evaluation report prepared by NASBA International Evaluation Services covers the institution(s) attended, dates of attendance, credentials received and the United States accreditation equivalence. In addition, this report lists all individual courses taken for each credential submitted for review according to the respective Board of Accountancy’s education requirements. If you have attended a domestic postsecondary institution which is not regionally or nationally accredited by a U.S. Department of Education approved accrediting body, you may apply for a domestic credential evaluation for the coursework/degree that you completed at the non-accredited U.S institution. Applicants from Tennessee jurisdiction may apply for this service for the evaluation of their nationally accredited U.S. education.

Disclaimer: Prior to applying for an evaluation of non-accredited domestic coursework/programs please contact your prospective Board of Accountancy to inquire about the acceptance of coursework from an non-accredited institution in the United States. The Board of Accountancy to which you are applying will indicate whether or not you need an evaluation of coursework completed at an non-accredited institution. Please note that the board makes the final decision on the acceptance of such coursework as it applies to the education requirements for examination and/or licensure. This type of report is prepared for Boards of Accountancy for the purposes of professional examination and licensure.

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