Not sure which jurisdiction(s) you best qualify to apply for the CPA Exam or CPA Licensure, or looking for guidance where to apply? The Undecided Jurisdiction service may be best for you. NIES will offer guidance for the jurisdiction(s) that are the best fit for you. Selecting a jurisdiction is based on the education, residency, and social security requirements of the jurisdictions for which we provide services. Once our Undecided Evaluation is finalized, you will be emailed with the results. Up to three jurisdictions will be given as options. Your overall equivalency statement, total credits, accounting credits, and business credits will also be included. If our assessment indicates that you do not meet the educational requirements for any jurisdiction, the deficiencies will be noted on your report. NIES will review both international and U.S higher education when performing the Undecided Evaluation. Work experience is NOT included in the Undecided Evaluation. An official jurisdiction specific report is also NOT created from the Undecided Evaluation. Once you have decided on a jurisdiction you must apply separately for an International Credential Evaluation for CPA Examination and/or Licensure.

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