NASBA has provided licensing and academic credential evaluation services for state boards of accountancy for over 25 years. With a mission to enhance the effectiveness of state boards of accountancy, NASBA works hard to assist state boards with these services and is committed to providing excellent and reliable customer service.

CPA Licensing

NASBA assists state boards with licensing services including eligibility determination, education evaluation, application processing and customer service to candidates throughout the licensing process.

If you are a current or potential licensing applicant of a state NASBA services, click the appropriate state below to learn more.

> Colorado
> Georgia
> Montana
> New Hampshire
> Puerto Rico
> Virgin Islands

Academic Credential Evaluation Service

NASBA provides Academic Credential Evaluation service to four state boards of accountancy. If you are a current or potential licensing applicant of one of the states below, click the appropriate state to learn more.

> Massachusetts
> New Jersey
> Tennessee
> Utah

NASBA Experience Verification

NASBA recognizes that many CPA applicants have difficulty finding a licensed CPA to sign off on their experience requirement for licensure. The NASBA Experience Verification service not only provides those seeking licensure access to an interview with a CPA, but also conducts a thorough authentication of the applicant’s work experience.

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National Qualification Appraisal Service (NQAS)

CredentialNet, a service of the NQAS, is an Individual Substantial Equivalency evaluation service for the purposes of mobility and/or reciprocal licensure.

Reciprocity/Practice Privilege

A CPA who is seeking a reciprocal license and/or practice privilege may obtain an Individual Substantial Equivalency evaluation from NASBA. Individual Substantial Equivalency evaluations are offered through NASBA’s CredentialNet service, and should be obtained prior to application to the Board. After the Individual Substantial Equivalency evaluation is completed, NASBA will send a report to the Board indicating Individual Substantial Equivalency status.

The states listed below accept documentation from CredentialNet for the reciprocal licensing and/or practice privilege notification process.  Please click the appropriate state below to learn more.

> Arkansas
> California
> Kansas
> Maine
> Oklahoma

Mobility/Substantial Equivalency

If you are a CPA with an active license from a state deemed non-substantially equivalent and need your individual CPA qualifications evaluated for the purposes of mobility, you may submit an application to CredentialNet. The Substantial Equivalency Evaluation report is accepted as verification in most states.

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