Be a Key Person Contact

In order to develop strong grassroots relationships with elected members of state and federal legislative and executive branches of government in every jurisdiction, NASBA has developed a Key Person Contact (KPC) program.

NASBA’s KPC program helps to educate elected members of legislative and executive branches of government on issues affecting the CPA profession.

Key Person Contacts are NASBA members who recognize the difference that individuals can make in the legislative process. The member acts as a liaison between NASBA and lawmakers, creating a line of communication to relay technical and general information regarding legislative issues that impact the profession.

Even a single letter or call from someone an elected official knows and trusts can make a pivotal difference in an issue’s outcome.

The Key Person Contact:

  • Explains how an effectively regulated accounting profession on the economy can be profound.
  • Reinforces the idea that oversight of the accounting profession positively impacts capital markets and is in the public interest.
  • Heightens a legislator’s accountability to his or her constituents, and provides a second avenue to influence public policy decisions.
  • Localizes and personalizes the political aspects of legislation.

The responsibilities of a Key Person Contact are few:

NASBA carefully watches events at legislatures throughout the country, and when a “hot topic” arises for which we need grassroots input, NASBA will contact you. We supply detailed materials that provide the necessary background so you can call or write regarding the topic or make personal visits to the elected official with whom you have a personal or professional relationship.

The ability to have numerous lines of communication with elected officials influences important public policy decisions for which those who regulate the profession should have a voice.

If you do not know a lawmaker personally, don’t let that deter you. NASBA’s Legislative and Government Affairs Department will assist you in the process. Please contact John Johnson at (615) 880-4232.

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