Founded in 1908, the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) has served as an association dedicated to enhancing the effectiveness of the country’s 55 state boards of accountancy for more than 100 years. As a driving force within the accounting profession, NASBA accomplishes its mission by creating a forum for accounting regulators and practitioners to address issues relevant to the viability of the accounting profession. NASBA takes pride in offering its member boards a rich portfolio of products and services, all designed to effectively aid boards in their goal to protect the public.

The NASBA Center for the Public Trust (CPT) also continues to develop and positively impact the ethical climate of business by hosting training events and awards programs recognizing outstanding ethical individuals and organizations.

NASBA is privileged to have established a reputation as a trusted resource in regulatory and professional services.

For more information, please see NASBA’s 100th Annual History Book, entitled 100 Years of NASBA: Serving the Public Interest.

Our Mission

Enhance the effectiveness and advance the common interests of the Boards of Accountancy.

Our Vision

An effectively regulated accounting profession’s impact on the economy can be profound. Confidence in those professional services positively impacts capital markets and is in the public interest.

NASBA will provide Boards of Accountancy the highest level of support in their regulation of the profession by:

  • Providing visionary leadership
  • Speaking as a trusted collective voice for the Boards on national and international issues
  • Supporting Boards as effective stewards of the public interest
  • Performing all services with excellence
  • Promoting ethics and integrity

Our Values

Our values drive how we go about meeting the spirit of our mission and vision.

NASBA is committed to:

  • Above all, preserving the public trust through effective regulation of the accounting profession
  • Treating all of our members, business partners and other stakeholders fairly and with respect
  • Maintaining a diverse, healthy, fun work environment where teamwork, creativity and accountability are rewarded
  • Practicing effective stewardship of our resources in order to provide the highest level of services possible to our members
  • Ensuring the highest quality, integrity and excellence in all that we do

Our Objectives

Operational Excellence

Actively pursue operational excellence in all areas by:

  • Continuously working to improve quality and efficiency
  • Monitoring internal and external stakeholder satisfaction
  • Ensuring sustainable growth that is mission driven, member focused


Enhance and maintain enforcement capabilities of Boards of Accountancy by:

  • Actively seeking input from the Boards to understand their needs
  • Providing timely resources to assist them
  • Promoting consistency and uniformity where possible

Legislative & Regulatory Support

Provide a comprehensive monitoring and response network to Boards of Accountancy on regulatory and legislative issues that affect the Boards, the public, and the profession by:

  • Monitoring State and Federal legislation and notifying Boards about legislation affecting their jurisdictions
  • Developing an extensive legislative affairs network and leveraging those contacts to benefit Boards
  • Supporting Boards facing political threats to their mission to protect the public
  • Assisting Boards with resources needed to address legislative and regulatory issues

Support State Sovereignty

Vigorously support the authority of the Boards of Accountancy to regulate their licensees by:

  • Effectively communicating the Boards’ regulatory authority to all external stakeholders in national and international arenas
  • Supporting the Boards’ efforts to achieve, maintain or enhance appropriate operational and financial independence


Establish and maintain effective relationships with Board of Accountancy members and staff, and other stakeholders by:

  • Actively engaging the Boards in dialogue in order to understand their needs and perspective on issues that affect the regulation of the profession
  • Identifying Boards’ priorities and coordinating NASBA resources to provide them with timely service
  • Providing forums for Boards to share best practices, discuss common issues and build inter-board relationships
  • Familiarizing Boards with NASBA
  • Advocating on behalf of Boards
  • Working with national and international regulatory and professional bodies to advance the common interests of Boards

Education & Training

Help Boards of Accountancy develop the capacity of their board members, staff and legal counsel by:

  • Offering  a comprehensive curriculum of training in support of their unique needs
  • Conducting regular and recurring high value meetings with a primary focus on relevant education and information sharing


Effectively promote ethical behavior in the profession by:

  • Educating all relevant stakeholders in the critical importance of high-level ethical behavior
  • Encouraging Boards to demand highly ethical behavior from their licensees
  • Emphasizing the importance of moral reasoning and ethical behavior
  • Supporting the Center for the Public Trust

Technology Support

Provide technology leadership and support to the Boards of Accountancy by:

  • Monitoring technology trends and Boards’ needs
  • Implementing appropriate technology solutions
  • Ensuring the effective ongoing use of technology

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