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Guidance to apply for the CPA Exam with NASBA’s CPA Portal is indicated below. This is intended for first time candidates who have received their completed international evaluation report. Click on the below image to review the necessary flowchart.

    Before you begin the application for an evaluation, visit the Requirements page for a country specific explanation of which documents will be requested.

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    Certain jurisdictions will accept credits from professional organizations if the credit is determined to be equivalent to academic study from an accredited post-secondary institution in the United States. Contact our office to learn more if you have completed examinations, coursework or credits from a professional organization.

    Please Note: We do not do evaluations for New York licensure.

    If your official government ID (i.e passport) does not indicate a surname or given name, please input NoLastName or NoFirstName on your application. This is a standard operating procedure consistent between NASBA International Evaluation Services (NIES), CPA Examination Services (CPAES), and Prometric testing centers.

    NASBA International Evaluation Services will only keep your application open for up to one year without a new status update. Applications that exceed one year without a status update will be closed. No refund will be issued and any official/replaceable documents will be destroyed. NASBA International Evaluation Services will also store documents for up to one year without an application. If you have not applied within one year, any official/replaceable documents will be destroyed.

    NIES is the only approved provider for international education evaluations in the following jurisdictions:

    Alabama Illinois New York South Carolina
    Alaska Kansas New Jersey Washington
    Arizona Maryland Nevada Washington, D.C.
    CNMI Mississippi North Carolina* West Virginia
    Georgia Missouri Oklahoma Wyoming
    Hawaii Montana Oregon  
    Idaho New Hampshire Puerto Rico  

      * North Carolina candidates must have approval directly from the North Carolina State Board in order to apply for the NIES international evaluation report. For a full list of the Boards of Accountancy we serve, as well as to learn more about the different types of evaluations we offer, please take a look at our Services and Fees page.


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