NIES offers English translations of education documents. Fees are applied on a per-page basis and range from $68 – $87 per page. Documents must be 11×17 inches or smaller to be considered one page and be approximately 250 words or less. Pages with significantly more than 250 words will be considered two pages.Documents with text on both sides will be considered two separate pages. Translations will be completed in approximately two weeks. A final report with the official translation will be uploaded to your candidate portal. This service is only for candidates seeking CPA Examination or Licensure. Please visit our wholly-owned subsidiary Aequo International if you require translations services for any other purpose.

Please Note: The official education evaluation reports are distributed directly to the appropriate State Board of Accountancy. All candidates will receive an electronic version of the official report via email.

If your institution is accredited by one of the regionally accrediting bodies in the United States, you do not need an international education evaluation for the CPA examination. Send your official transcripts to the state board for review. The accrediting bodies are listed below:

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