NASBA has developed products and services to assist state boards with each stage of the CPA lifecycle: exam, licensure and education, as well as other complementary services.

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Exam Resources

CPA Examination Services (CPAES)

As NASBA’s flagship program, CPA Examination Services (CPAES) provides a comprehensive array of services related to the Uniform CPA Examination. A few of these services include application processing, credential evaluations and score reporting. Outsourcing these services to the experienced and reliable professionals at NASBA enables Boards of Accountancy to provide candidates with a positive examination experience while remaining focused on other critical regulatory functions – like enforcement and rule making.

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CPA Examination Services

National Candidate Database (NCD)

The National Candidate Database (NCD) is a database of CPA candidate information created to help NASBA, Boards of Accountancy, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and testing centers protect the personal data provided by candidates during application and examination processes. As a central repository for all CPA Examination candidate information, the NCD is a global tracking system for CPA Examination candidates. With the ability to track a candidate’s history, from initial application to grading of the Examination, the NCD is a powerful tool for managing testing information.

The NASBA Report on the CPA Exam

The NASBA Report on the Uniform CPA Examination is the go-to resource for annual statistics and trends of candidates taking the Uniform CPA Examination. The all new, re-designed Candidate Performance on the Uniform CPA Examination – 2019 Edition combines the Jurisdiction and University Editions into a single publication. The 2019 Edition includes the popular university rankings, accreditation reporting and cohort tracking, and introduces multi-year trending and percent pass by degree type. This information, available only from NASBA, offers the best overview of CPA Examination trends from around the world, and at the jurisdiction and university level.

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NASBA International Evaluation Services

Currently providing services to 53 jurisdictions, NASBA International Evaluation Services (NIES) is dedicated to the professional and standardized evaluation of international coursework and credentials for candidates applying for the Uniform CPA Examination and licensure.

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Licensure Resources

Accountancy Licensing Library (ALL)

Given the ever-changing regulatory environment and adoption of mobility legislation in most states, it is a challenge to remain up to date on the various CPA and firm licensing laws and rules among all Boards of Accountancy. The Accountancy Licensing Library (ALL) helps remove the complexity from the CPA license and firm registration process for busy accounting professionals. This valuable resource contains comprehensive and accurate information for the different types of CPA licenses (initial, reciprocal, mobility/practice privilege and firm registration). Access to ALL is available for purchase by the public and CPA firms. NASBA offers complimentary accounts to Boards of Accountancy, accounting program chairs at colleges and universities, as well as individuals working to prepare professional licensure disclosures for their institution.

Contact NASBA to learn how ALL can assist your state board.

Accountancy Licensing Library

CPE Audit Service

NASBA’s CPE Audit Service offers a platform designed to assist Boards of Accountancy with conducting the periodic audits for compliance with continuing professional education requirements. The service allows CPAs to report CPE hours and documentation, electronically, to the board. It offers a turnkey solution for Boards of Accountancy to more efficiently and effectively manage their overall CPE audit process. The service is a benefit of NASBA membership for state boards that participate in the Accountancy Licensee Database (ALD) and have their licensee data records linked with other records across state lines. There are 12 boards currently using the CPE Audit Service to assist with CPE reporting and conducting audits of their professionals’ compliance with their CPE requirements, with two additional boards being added by January 2023.

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CPE Audit Service


CredentialNet, a service of the NQAS, is an Individual Substantial Equivalency evaluation service for the purposes of mobility and/or reciprocal licensure.

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With statutes approved in 54 of the 55 U.S. jurisdictions, individual mobility has become a reality for CPAs from coast to coast. In addition, 33 jurisdictions now offer firm mobility. For individuals, mobility is a practice privilege that generally permits licensed CPAs in good standing, from a substantially equivalent state, to practice outside of their principal place of business without obtaining another license. Likewise, firms meeting the ownership and peer review requirements of the mobility jurisdiction may provide attest services in another state where it is not registered and does not have a physical office, under a “no notice, no fee, no escape” regime. With, CPAs can learn whether mobility applies to their specific situation and whether firm registration or other paperwork is required – all within four clicks. Desktop and mobile access to provides a wealth of information at your fingertips.

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NASBA Licensing Services

With the capability and resources to help make the licensing process more efficient for Boards of Accountancy and applicants, NASBA has provided licensing and renewal services to Boards of Accountancy for more than 25 years. CPA Licensing Services include application processing, eligibility determination, electronic file transmissions and board reporting for both initial and renewal applicants. NASBA provides excellent and reliable customer service to applicants throughout the entire licensing process. NASBA also offers a service to state boards requiring CPE auditing assistance for the purposes of renewal and/or annual audits.

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Accountancy Licensee Database (ALD)

Created to assist Boards of Accountancy with their regulatory mission, the Accountancy Licensee Database (ALD) is a central repository of current licensee and firm information. Fifty-four Boards of Accountancy are currently participating, with Hawaii actively working toward implementation. This new addition puts NASBA closer to realizing its goal of housing current and accurate licensing and disciplinary information for individual CPAs and firms from each of the 55 U.S. jurisdictions. The ALD is hosted by NASBA and access to the system is free to Boards of Accountancy.

If you are an Executive Director or Board of Accountancy staff who would like login information to ALD, please contact the ALD team at [email protected]. Click here to sign in at


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Education Resources

National Registry of CPE Sponsors

The National Registry of CPE Sponsors was created to recognize CPE program sponsors that provide continuing professional education programs in accordance with nationally recognized standards. Only learning providers that are committed to offering high-quality continuing education programs, which improve a CPA’s professional competence, are listed on the Registry, and NASBA is proud to have over 2,000 currently approved. The National Registry of CPE Sponsors’ logo is the seal of approval for CPE. When you see that logo, you can trust that the continuing education you receive will be of the highest quality.

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Confirm Registry Sponsor status

National Registry of CPE Sponsors

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Other Services

Investigator Training Series

This series of training modules (introduced by NASBA's Enforcement Resources Committee) utilizes the Brainshark platform and has been created to provide guidance to assist investigators in understanding the enforcement process for Boards of Accountancy. The modules also include sample forms to help the investigator with the steps of a successful investigation. Featured samples include an investigation report, expert engagement letter, and a chart for tracking pending investigations.

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Investigative Training

Legislative Tracking

NASBA’s Legislative Tracking System was created and calibrated specifically for Boardsof Accountancy to monitor legislation and amendments (in real time) that affect theregulation of the profession. By allowing boards to become more readily aware and toshare knowledge concerning key pieces of legislation that could greatly impact theirregulatory responsibility, the tracking system provides an important and unprecedentedstep toward enhancing the effectiveness and advancing the common interests of allBoards of Accountancy and the profession as a whole.

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Legislative Tracking

NASBA Center for Public Trust

The NASBA Center for the Public Trust (CPT) provides a platform for corporate America and the accounting profession to explore, promote and advance ethical practices in organizations. To achieve this goal, the NASBA CPT hosts seminars and conferences on ethics-related topics and promotes positive ethical behavior with its Being a Difference Awards. The NASBA Center for the Public Trust is a non-profit organization that seeks contributions from individuals and corporations interested in positively impacting business ethics and ethical leadership.

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NASBA Center for Public Trust

NASBA University

NASBA U is a training and networking event available exclusively to Board of Accountancy executive directors. It is a one-day session held at NASBA’s headquarters, located in Nashville, TN. Participants are introduced to a variety of tools and services available to assist board staff in their various roles. Additionally, attendees have an opportunity to network with fellow Board of Accountancy representatives, meet key members of NASBA staff and tour the NASBA facilities.

Contact Melissa Brennan to learn more about attending NASBA University.

Communications & Outreach

NASBA’s Communications Department offers complimentary creative services to Boards of Accountancy that are attractive, relevant and audience driven. Services include editorial and social media consultation, video production and design for newsletters, brochures, mass emails, infographics and annual reports. A total of 45 Boards of Accountancy currently participate in the Communications & Outreach program.

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NASBAstore is a marketplace of CPA Exam products and services, including score transfers and license verifications, available for use by all Boards of Accountancy. The NASBAstore serves many of the needs of today’s accounting professionals. It is also the home of NASBA’s Wall Certificate Service, offering creative, professional design options to enhance the appearance of licensing certificates and license cards. The Wall Certificate Service offers state-of-the-art printing, timely processing and distribution of plastic license cards and decorative wall certificates. NASBAstore also offers custom framing options, CPA-branded cuff links, mugs, mouse pads and pens to show off the pride that comes with being a CPA.

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