Please Note: If your institution is accredited by one of the regionally accrediting bodies in the United States, you do not need an international education evaluation for the CPA examination. Send your official transcripts to the state board for review. The accrediting bodies are listed below:

How long is the evaluation process?

Due to extremely high demand, the NIES team is currently able to complete evaluations in a 10 week time frame. An additional 2-4 weeks can potentially be added to the 10 week time frame for a quality assurance review of the report to ensure 100% accuracy. The volume of incoming applications has created a large backlog of applications to process. We are working diligently to decrease the processing time, and we appreciate your patience.

How can I decide which jurisdiction to apply to for examination and/or licensure?

If you are having concerns about choosing a jurisdiction for examination and/or licensure, NIES can help you. We now have the option on our online application for an “Undecided Jurisdiction.” If you choose the Undecided Jurisdiction option, NIES will evaluate your international education and provide the best options for getting approval for the CPA Examination and licensure based on the education you have completed. The assessment includes all of your international education documents. NIES will offer guidance based on the education requirements of the jurisdictions that we provide services for. Please check our Services and Fees page for a complete listing of our jurisdictions. Please note that the Undecided Jurisdiction application will only take into consideration jurisdictions that are supported by NIES.

We will evaluate your education for both examination and licensure requirements. Once our initial report is finalized, we will contact you with the results. You can then choose the jurisdiction that you would like to apply for. An official report is drafted based on your decision and sent to the appropriate Board of Accountancy. The initial advisory report will include three jurisdictions for examination and licensure. Your overall equivalency statement, total credits, accounting credits and business credits will be included. In addition, if you do not meet the educational requirements for any jurisdiction, the deficiencies will be noted on your report.

For more information, please contact our office at or call our office at (855) 468-5382. You may also review the Frequently Asked Questions, Resources for Deficient Education and our Policies page for additional information.

Currently, NASBA International Evaluation Services does not serve my jurisdiction. Which international evaluation services are accepted by my jurisdiction?

We have compiled a listing of accepted international evaluation services, organized by jurisdiction, in order to serve you.

> View list of accepted international credential evaluation providers

How to Apply

  1. Decide what type of evaluation you need. See our Services and Fees page to determine what type of CPA education evaluation you require.
  2. You are required to submit official documentation along with your application. See our Requirements page to view the documents required in order to complete an evaluation.
  3. Submit the online application and pay the application fee.


How to Change Jurisdiction or Add Additional Education

  1. If you have a completed evaluation from NASBA International Evaluation Services and would like to have additional education evaluated or if you would like to change your jurisdiction, please fill out an application that suits your needs.
  2. Once your submitted the application, and an existing evaluation can be verified, you will receive an email from NASBA International Evaluation Services staff with a link to the application you indicated within 1-2 days. Payment for a change of jurisdiction or an additional education evaluation will be collected upon submission of the application. If you do not receive a link, please contact our staff at (855) 468-5382, or by email at


Why is the fee for an Undecided Jurisdiction evaluation more expensive than choosing a jurisdiction?

The Undecided Jurisdiction evaluation provides a complete assessment of your education and provides jurisdiction options based on the education you have completed. You are given a list of your best options for jurisdictions where your education closely fits the educational requirements. You can choose which one to apply to for examination and/or licensure. Once you have decided, an official evaluation report is drafted and sent to the appropriate Board of Accountancy for review.

Does NIES evaluate for any other jurisdictions that are not listed on the Services and Fees page?

No, NIES only evaluates international education for the Boards of Accountancy that are listed on our website. Each Board of Accountancy must approve international education evaluation companies to be accepted by the board for review of documents for examination and licensure. If you are uncertain that NIES can complete an evaluation for a specific jurisdiction, please contact our office for more information.

What is the difference between an examination and licensure evaluation?

The evaluation for examination is for candidates who have not completed the four sections of the CPA Examination. For many jurisdictions, education requirements vary between examination and licensure. Our reports list all accounting/business course requirements necessary to determine both examination and licensing eligibility for the selected jurisdiction. Please Note: NIES does not evaluate for licensing for the New York Board of Accountancy.

Does the Undecided Jurisdiction evaluation consider licensure requirements as well?

Yes, the education will be evaluated for both examination and licensure before options are given to the candidate.

How many reports are included with the Undecided Jurisdiction application fee?

Only one official report is included in the application fee based on the recommended jurisdiction that you choose. The jurisdiction report will be sent to the board for examination and licensure.

How long is an evaluation for an Undecided Jurisdiction valid?

Each evaluation for an Undecided Jurisdiction application is based on current education rules and requirements. Boards of Accountancy education requirements may change. Sufficient notice is usually given by the board in order for candidates to prepare for the education rule change.

My education was denied for the CPA examination and I need to take additional courses. Where do I need to go to take classes?

You can take additional classes from a recognized institution in your home country, or you can take additional classes from an accredited school in the United States. Please visit our Resources for Deficient Education page for information on accredited schools.

Do you evaluate documents for admissions, immigration or employment purposes?

Our team does offer education evaluations for students and professionals outside of the accounting profession. However, the service must be requested through our wholly owned subsidiary, Aequo International.

I am unable to request official documents from my school or issuing institution. What can I do with my original documents?

The necessary documents for all study completed must be mailed to NIES directly from the official transcript issuing department at the educational institution or forward academic records to us in an unopened university sealed envelope. Candidates who are unable to submit official transcripts from their issuing institution may submit photocopies for Primary Source Verification (PSV) through the DataFlow Group. Applying for (PSV) through the DataFlow Group is not required. DataFlow (PSV) is optional and involves paying an extra fee and creating an additional user account directly with DataFlow. We encourage candidates to have their university’s document issuing department send NIES the academic records or have the academic records forwarded to us in an unopened university sealed envelope. Candidates who are able to have university issued academic records do not need to apply for DataFlow (PSV).

I sent official transcripts in a sealed envelope for evaluation purposes to NIES. Will the documents be returned to me?

NIES will retain all official transcripts sent to our office for review by you and the issuing institution. NIES will destroy official transcripts four times each year during January, April, July and October. A scanned image of all documents received will be maintained indefinitely.

My university sent official transcripts to NIES for evaluation purposes. How long will the transcripts be kept on file?

Copies of official transcripts and certificates will be maintained in electronic format indefinitely. NIES will destroy official transcripts four times each year during January, April, July and October. Please note that original documents that are irreplaceable WILL NOT be destroyed.

What type of payments will NASBA International Evaluation Services accept?

Credit card payments are accepted through our online application system.

My institution/degree program is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International). Do I need an education evaluation?


My institution/degree program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). Do I need an education evaluation?


What if my institution no longer exists?

If your academic institution no longer exists, please contact your Ministry of Education or governmental accrediting body for educational documentation. Your country’s embassy or consulate may also be of service to you.

How do I submit my documents for language translation?

You have the option to mail in copies or upload scanned images of documents that require translation. Please contact us if you are not sure which documents are needed for the credential evaluation because NIES will conduct translations and issue charges on every page received. NIES does not accept original or irreplaceable documents.

How will I receive my finished language translation?

You will receive an e mail when the translation is uploaded to your candidate portal. Hard copies will be sent out only upon request.


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