Arizona has become the first state to automatically grant occupational licenses to its residents who hold similar licenses in good standing from other states for at least a year. However, those with a criminal record can be disqualified and instant reciprocity is not granted for those occupations requiring a security clearance. The legislation, HB 2569, was signed by Governor Doug Ducey in April and does not require reciprocal recognition from other states. Legislation granting automatic licensing for military spouses from other states was enacted last year in Utah.

State Representative Warren Petersen, who sponsored the legislation, said: “We welcome you to Arizona. We know you are qualified.”

As Arizona already has adopted individual CPA mobility, it is expected this new legislation will have little impact on the profession. However, it will have an impact on many other fields, including those licensed in health care, construction and embalming. Lawyers, security guards and private investigators are excluded.

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