Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at NASBA

      At NASBA we believe diversity is the presence of the unique perspectives, life experiences, values, and ideas often informed by characteristics that make us different from one another. Our commitment to creating and cultivating opportunities for diverse individuals complements our belief in equity. We believe equity is greater than equality, and we strive to create equitable opportunities and outcomes for our employees, members and associates. Recognizing that Inclusion is essential to success in business, we believe in an intentional approach to including all members of our community in activities and opportunities to grow with us.

        NASBA Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Commitment

              To promote diversity, equity and inclusion among NASBA leadership, volunteers and the Boards, NASBA will:

              • Encourage a profession characterized by diversity and inclusion
              • Maintain a diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) program that ensures NASBA is open to and inclusive of all people without regard to gender, ethnicity or any consideration other than their qualification and desire to serve
              • Ensure that NASBA maintains open and transparent means for all volunteers to identify and become involved in opportunities for service and leadership
              • Actively recruit from under-represented groups.

              NASBA Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Training

                NASBA provides education and training in DE&I. This education is available for NASBA members, associates and staff.  In the training participants will learn workplace definitions and applications for diversity, equity and inclusion as individual words. They will also learn how those three words work together to enable organizations to grow and excel. To learn more about our DE&I training, email or call 615-880-4200.

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                  The NASBA Diversity Committee

                    Committee Charge

                    Develop a diversity program that ensures that NASBA provides opportunities, encouragement and support to people of color (African-Americans and Hispanics/Latinos) and women to participate in NASBA service and leadership roles.


                    Katrina Salazar, CPA


                    Roseann Abraham, CPA
                    Rick Arpin, CPA
                    Thuy T. Barron, CPA
                    Michael Barton, CPA
                    Sanjay Bhakta, CPA, CGFM, CFE
                    Tanya G. Greenlee
                    Delbert Madison
                    Gary R. Massey, CPA
                    Maria de J. Prado, CPA
                    Randa Vernon, CPA

                    State Society Liaison

                    Ralph Albert Thomas, CGMA

                    NASBA Staff Liaisons

                    Alfonzo Alexander, CPC, MBA
                    Julie James, CPA