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2019 Legislation in Motion

SHARE: Check out NASBA’s Legislative E News to get the state-by-state details of the current status of legislation related to the regulation of the accounting profession. For example, as highlighted in last month’s E News, on, learn about: Wyoming – First state to file firm mobility legislation in 2019. Definition of “attest” legislation active…

WA State Considers BC Mobility

SHARE: Without a Washington firm license or staff holding individual Washington CPA licenses, legislation introduced in the State of Washington would permit Canadian British Columbia accounting firms to provide compilation and attest services in Washington for corporate entities registered in Canada. Senate Bill 6256 introduced by Senators Steve Conway (D) and John Braun (R) on…

President’s Memo: Firm Mobility Revisited

State Board Report February 2017 The regular turnover of both State Board members and staff brings fresh ideas and new perspectives to NASBA, and is one of the positive attributes of the organization. However, it also brings some challenges. Decisions and agreements made years ago by volunteers and staff, many of whom are no longer…

On the Move With Firm Mobility

Enforcement Newsletter January 2017 The Seventh Edition of the Uniform Accountancy Act (UAA) was tweaked in May 2014 to include Firm Mobility. In short, Firm Mobility allows a CPA firm to provide attest services in another state where it is not registered and does not have a physical office, under a “no notice, no fee,…

Focus on Mobility Enforcement

Enforcement Newsletter November 2013 Currently 50 jurisdictions have adopted mobility legislation to allow eligible actively licensed CPAs to perform services across state borders without requiring a reciprocal individual CPA license. One of the primary purposes of each Board of Accountancy is to protect the public in their jurisdiction from harm, either by individuals practicing without…

Mobility Highlights NASBA’s Nimbleness

Author: David Costello, CPA, NASBA President and CEO
Posted: August 11, 2011

Helping CPAs Leverage Mobility: Part 2

Authors: Ken Bishop, NASBA Executive Vice President and COO and Stacey Grooms, Esq., NASBA Manager of Regulatory Affairs
Posted: July 28, 2011

Helping CPAs Leverage Mobility: Part 1

Authors: Ken Bishop, NASBA Executive Vice President and COO and Stacey Grooms, Esq., NASBA Manager of Regulatory Affairs
Posted: July 26, 2011


A majority of state boards of accountancy in the United States have adopted mobility legislation – which is a practice privilege that generally permits a licensed CPA in good standing from a substantially equivalent state to practice outside of his or her principal place of business without obtaining another license. NASBA, the state boards of…

Mobility Update and Discussion, Ken Bishop, 10/1/08

October 1, 2008 Score Card for 2008 28* States with full mobility passed or in place 3 States with quid pro quo mobility 31 States with mobility 2 States with 2008 Bills introduced 34 States have legislation passed or introduced 12 State BOAs have voted to support mobility 47 States in place, introducing Bills, or…