Without a Washington firm license or staff holding individual Washington CPA licenses, legislation introduced in the State of Washington would permit Canadian British Columbia accounting firms to provide compilation and attest services in Washington for corporate entities registered in Canada. Senate Bill 6256 introduced by Senators Steve Conway (D) and John Braun (R) on January 11, explains that there are wholly or majority-owned subsidiaries of British Columbia companies residing in Washington “that require specific financial services and reports for issuance solely in Canada but are unable to utilize the services of British Columbia accounting firms, thus resulting in high audit costs. The legislature intends to allow British Columbia accounting firms to provide specific engagements for these subsidiaries residing in Washington.”

Section 14(j) of the Uniform Accountancy Act provides a dispensation to the holders of certificates from other countries providing professional services to persons and firms of those countries looking to issue reports only in foreign countries. This has been adopted by some states.

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