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Center for Public Company Audit Firms (CPCAF) Outline of Peer Review Program (PRP) Background and Oversight Procedures

CPCAF enrollment: 800 – 900 firms approx 500 are registered with & inspected by PCAOB, remainder are voluntary participants in the Center 8 firms have over 100 issuer clients 40 firms have over 200 professional staff 23 firms have over 400 professional staff The CPCAF Peer Review Program consists of firm-on-firm reviews of the non-SEC…

2008 PROC Meeting Draft Agenda

Fall 2008 OBJECTIVES To discuss the important role of PROCs, from their perspective. Determine how to coordinate PROCs with peer review program oversight models. Obtain insight toward implementation and coordination of PROCs. Provide a forum to discuss current and future Peer Review Standards and Administration. See Full Document:Peer Review Draft Agenda

Peer Review Schedule of Visits

2008 Tentative Schedule of Visits in 2008 to Administering Entities by the AICPA Peer Review Board Oversight Task Force Arkansas California Colorado Florida Kansas Michigan Mississippi Missouri Montana Nevada New England New Jersey New Mexico New York North Dakota Ohio Oregon Pennsylvania Puerto Rico Tennessee West Virginia Wisconsin Biennial visits occur to review and report…