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On June 22 from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. (CST) Kyle Barrier, Supervisor, Candidate Services, NASBA, answered questions during a Facebook Chat about International Education and the CPA Exam. Below, you will find questions from Facebook Chat participants and the answers Kyle provided. For any additional questions, please email NASBA at [email protected].

I graduated from a college in the Philippines. I want to take the CPA Exam. What do I need to do?

Hi – Have your university send your official transcript and diploma to NIES. Here is more information about this:…/nasbainternationaleva…/requirements/. – Kyle

How would a bachelor of commerce (accounting major) transfer over? Would I be able to sit for CPA Exams with it?

Hi – This all depends on the country where you obtained the bachelor of commerce and the university’s requirements for completing that bachelor of commerce. What country did you obtain this degree?

Canada. I am also a Canadian CGA.

As long as this was a 4-year program, it should equate to a 4-year bachelor degree in the U.S. Each jurisdiction has different accounting course requirements, so depending on the amount and type of accounting courses you may qualify in some but not others. It sounds like the international evaluation for undecided jurisdiction may be a good fit for you. View our services page here:…/nasbainternation…/services-and-fees/. – Kyle

I have had my international education evaluated by NIES and the evaluation shows that I meet the requirements for my state. Why must I pay another fee and submit another application to have my education evaluated again by my state board?

Hi Jeremy – NIES equates your education from outside the U.S. into its equivalency to the U.S. education system. We indicate this on our report that is sent to the state board. You then must apply with that board, so they can determine eligibility. NIES does not determine the eligibility. – Kyle

Hello kyle. Where can a student from Morocco take the CPA Exam? Can he take it anywhere? What will he need to take with him to the testing center?

This student from Morocco cannot test at an international testing location. This student will need to test at a U.S. testing location. They will need their Notice to Schedule, and proper forms of ID. If this student has any other questions about testing, please contact [email protected]. – Kyle

We recently had a question from a candidate about an international testing location. If you are interested in potentially testing at an international test site, here is a graphic that contains the countries that have international test locations and the requirements.…/2011/02/InternationalTestingChart.pdf

If you are a CPA or chartered accountant in your home country, the IQEX Exam may be an option for you. Certain organizations have a mutual recognition agreement (MRA) that would allow you to take the IQEX Exam. Read more about the IQEX Exam here:

The score release for the new exam (especially now that BEC was pushed back even further) nearly closes the whole Q3 window for candidates who tested in Q2 and only have one exam left. I cannot purchase an NTS until I receive my scores, and I lost credit for my first exam passed at the end of Q3. Is the NASBA going to ‘strongly recommend’ to the State Board to extend to candidates negatively impacted the Q4 testing window? I reached out to my state board and received the ‘scores will expire as schedule’ response, and now with the score release pushed back 5 more days I don’t think it would even be possible to purchase an NTS, and find availability at a Prometric center near me. Can we know what states are extending windows and how they’re deciding which candidates receive it?

Hi Jessica, This is a case by case basis for each state. Please contact [email protected] and address the state of which you’re a candidate. The CPA Exam Services representative will give you more detailed information, if possible. – Kyle

I received my completed Undecided NIES Report which listed the states that I would most likely be eligible for. I am now applying for the CPA Exam through CPA Central and it is asking me to resend my educational documentation again. Do I need to submit all the materials I just sent for the NIES evaluation?

No, NIES includes official copies of your educational documents along with the report. – Kyle

I graduated B Com Honors in accounting in 1996 and post graduated in accounting in 1997 from Bangladesh. I also graduated in finance in 2003 from Bangladesh. I graduated PhD in accounting in 2012. I have a long career in accounting. Currently, l am working as an associate professor of accounting. Now l wish to appear at the CPA exam. Please let me know whether i am eligible or not for the CPA. I also heard that if a person has15 years practical experience in accounting, he is eligible to appear at the CPA exam. Please let me know the details.

Hello – Please email [email protected] with the exact question and one of our team members will be happy to answer your questions.