On August 18 from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. Penny, NASBA Candidate Care Manager, answered questions during a Facebook Chat about CPA Exam candidate testing experience. Below, you will find questions from the Facebook Chat participants and the answers Penny provided.

Q: Hello!! My NTS is expiring on 11/15/2016 and I’m taking all my exams in Oct. I’m an Indian and I tried taking my exams in July august window but unfortunately I couldn’t get my visa and then Exam dates after getting visa. I want to know if my NTS can be extended in case I’m unable to clear any Exam in October. Will I have to go through the whole procedure of evaluation and pay the exam fees again?
A: What state are you applying to?
Q: Arizona state board
A: Please contact the Arizona state board directly with your request.

Q: Hello, I am taking Audit on August 24 and I am worried about pacing myself through the Exam and retaining all of the information. Thank you!
A: Keep your eye on the clock and make sure to keep track of your time. We wish you the best of luck!

Q: I read an article that it’s better writing out an exam timing schedule then follow it. That way you will cover the different sections of the Exam. I will be doing REG next week, my first CPA exam, what’s the best way to set a time for each section? How many Exam hours the REG is?
A: Keep your eye on the Exam clock and also be sure to allow yourself enough time to complete the final testlet. The REG Exam is 3 hours. Best of luck!
Q: Would I be allowed to skip question and jump to another, then return later within my time?
A: Yes, within the same testlet.
Q: How many sections the REG has? In each section, how many minutes need to spend?
A: There are four testlets within REG. Most people attempt to dedicate more time to the 4th testlet, which contains the simulations.

Q: Hi, I have taken a few proctored exams where I was provided a white board and a dry erase marker. I wanted to make sure that I would be provided with an actual pencil and paper to work out my problems. If not, can it be requested? Thanks!
A: You need to make a request to [email protected] at least two weeks before your Exam date.

Q: I have 6 days until the FAR! Can you provide some details on hot topics, or very key areas or calculations I should know like the back of my hand?
A: We do not have access to the Exam questions. Check aicpa.org for specifics on the Exam as they construct the Exam questions.

Q: I’m scheduled to take FAR for my third attempt in the next 2 weeks. Will I be given a different exam than previously taken? Are the tests skewed to my particular resume? I was a previous Math major and my exams seem more calculation driven than my peers.
A: You will not receive the same Exam. It is the AICPA who constructs the Exam and they are not skewed to a particular resume.

Q: After I finish passing all 4 sections of the CPA exam, I will be required to obtain 3 more credit hours to fulfill my academic requirements for licensure in Georgia. Is there a time limit to finish my academic requirements after passing the CPA exam?
A: Please contact the Georgia coordinator at [email protected] for that information.

Q: I took FAR on 07/28/2016 but after 3 days (on 07/31/2016) my BEC score was set to expire. FAR would’ve been my last test (if I pass) and I was under the impression that if I passed FAR that I would be able to keep my BEC score. I just looked at the New Hampshire Board of Accountancy site and my BEC score shows an Expired credit status already. Will that reverse if I pass FAR (score would be released after 5 days)?
A: Please check with your New Hampshire coordinator at [email protected].

Q: What seems to stump most test takers on the FAR exam?
A: Since we don’t have access to the actual content of the Exam, we don’t have that information. Please check aicpa.org.

Q: I have taken Exam appointment for October in Texas USA. But now I want to give Exam in Dubai. Can I reschedule my Prometric Exam center to another international location, from USA to Dubai on same section ID?
A: Hello. Please check with your Texas coordinator at [email protected].

Q: I am also sitting for FAR in 9 days. First section I am sitting for so I don’t really know what to expect. I know I don’t feel as confident as I would like to. Any areas of particular focus??
A: Hello! Per the Candidate Guide, FAR covers knowledge of generally accepted principles for business enterprises, not-for-profit organizations and governmental entities, and the skills needed to apply that knowledge. You may also visit aicpa.org for more details.

Q: I will be driving 2 hours to my test. Any last minute strategy ideas on that. Get there really early to cram or just go and take it?
A: You need to know exactly where the test center is located. If at all possible, we suggest doing a test run or perhaps arriving to the city the night before in order to avoid undue anxiety related to the travel and the possibility of arriving late. We don’t recommend cramming right before the Exam. The key is to pace yourself and have a good night sleep! Best of luck.

Q: Whether DRS will be scored or be treated as pretest questions before July 2017 Exam window?
A: Hello! Treat every question as if it will be scored. Best of luck!

Q: I have my concern over SIM that when I book the Journal entries when the question asked, do I have to put the sequence same as the suggestion answer?
A: Hello! Since this is related to the content of the Exam, please visit aicpa.org. Also, make sure to take advantage of the tutorials and sample tests available on their website.

Q: Can one get job after passing 4 parts of exam only or need to pass ethics exam also? What difference ethics exam creates?
A: We recommend that after you take all parts of the Exam, contact the state in which you wish to be licensed for more information regarding the ethics requirement.

Q: If in 2017 the tests are going to be more difficult why aren’t we additionally allowed a larger window to complete all four exams?
A: Hello! The length of the window to pass all 4 parts of the Exam is determined by the Boards of Accountancy. You might consider contacting your state board voicing your suggestion. Candidate feedback is always welcome!

Q: Penny, may I know who is our Maryland coordinator with NASBA for my future reference for any questions I shall have? Thank you.
A: Please contact me at [email protected] and I will send you that information.

Q: Hi Penny, I wanted to check may I ask about the Bachelor Degree evaluation or just about the test? Thanks.
A: Hello! We will have another Facebook Chat that will address evaluations. Stay tuned!
Q: ok cool when?
A: We haven’t nailed down a date yet, but we will keep you posted.

Q: Hi, I am writing AUD in November, this is my first CPA exam. Should I wait until I pass it to schedule the next exam?
A: That decision is entirely up to you. We have many candidates move on to the next section prior to receiving their score from the previous one.