Accountancy Licensee Database

The ALD is a central repository of current licensee and firm information. It was conceptualized to assist Boards of Accountancy with their regulatory mission. With 50 jurisdictions currently participating and more in the implementation phase, we envision it growing to include current and accurate licensing and disciplinary information for individual accountants and firms from all 55 jurisdictions. ALD is hosted by NASBA and access to the system is free to Executive Directors and their authorized Board of Accountancy staff.

With more than three quarters of the boards of accountancy already participating in the ALD and CPAverify, and commitment from nearly 100%, NASBA staff is preparing to help the final 5 join the ranks of those already live. Based on "State Board Profiles – June 2013," a compilation of state board profile and Census information, the 50 accountancy boards participating in the ALD represent 97% of the world’s regulated CPA population.

To access ALD, click here. Only authorized users with usernames and passwords can access this site. If you are an Executive Director or Board of Accountancy staff who would like access to ALD, please contact the ALD manager for access at