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I’ve recently passed the Uniform CPA Examination (Exam) and I want to apply for CPA licensing. How do I proceed?
All the information, requirements and application for licensing are located on our website.

What is the processing time for applications?
Two to three weeks.

Do my Exam credits expire?
No. Once you have successfully completed all four sections of the Exam, your scores will not expire.

If I sat for the Exam in the state of New Hampshire, am I required to submit all new transcripts?

Do I need to mail in all supplemental documents to accompany my application?
No. You may upload all documents, excluding transcripts, into your online application. Transcripts must be mailed to our P.O. Box.

Do I need to submit my international transcripts?
No. All international transcripts must be evaluated by NASBA International Evaluation Services.

Do transcripts need to be sent directly to NASBA?
Yes. Please have transcripts sent to:
NASBA Licensing
P.O. Box 198589
Nashville, TN 37219

How can I obtain verification of my New Hampshire Exam scores?
You may request your scores online at NASBAstore.org.

How many references must I include with my application?
Three. Each reference must have known you for a period of no less than three years.


What is the quarter hour/semester hour conversion?
Multiply the quarter hours by .6666667.

What can be counted toward the business requirement?
Business can be economics, marketing, management, statistics, business law, finance, business information systems, etc.

If there is a course that I feel is questionable as to whether or not it would count toward the accounting requirement, what should I do?
Submit a course description, obtained from the school or the school’s website, with the licensing application.


When is experience to be completed?
The experience requirement can be met at any time.

Does the CPA signing off on my experience have to be my supervisor?
Yes. The rule reads: (e) For purposes of (c) and (d) above, no experience shall be counted being under the direction of a licensed CPA, CA, CPC or other equivalent international designation holder unless such licensee has the authority to review, direct and evaluate on a continuing basis the accounting activities of those who are under the licensee’s professional accounting control.

Does my supervisor have to be actively licensed during my entire period of employment?
The supervisor signing off on your experience must have been actively licensed during the entire period of employment to which he/she is attesting.

Will an online verification of my supervisor’s license suffice?
Yes. The online verification must have the name, license number, issue date, and expiration date in order to be accepted. If the online verification does not include the items listed above, you must submit an official request to the Board.

What if I cannot provide letterhead for the Experience Verification Form 1?
You will need to submit an explanation as to why letterhead could not be provided.

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