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I’ve recently passed the Uniform CPA Examination (Exam) and I want to apply for CPA licensing. How do I proceed?
All the information, requirements and application for licensing are located on our website.

What is the processing time for applications?
Two to three weeks.

Do my Exam credits expire?
No. Once you have successfully completed all four sections of the Exam, your scores will not expire.

If I sat for the Exam in the state of Georgia, am I required to submit all new transcripts?
No. (Note: NASBA only keeps Exam files for one year after the date of passing. If you passed the Exam over a year ago, you will need to submit your transcripts once more.)

Do I need to submit my international transcripts?
No. All international transcripts must be evaluated by NASBA International Evaluation Services.

Do transcripts need to be sent directly to NASBA?
Yes. Please send transcripts to:
P.O. Box 198589
Nashville, TN 37219

Do I need to know the exact date on which I sat for the Exam?
No. A rough estimate will suffice.

How can I obtain verification of my Georgia Exam scores?
You may request your Exam grades online at NASBAstore.org.


What is the quarter hour/semester hour conversion?
Multiply the quarter hours by .6666667.

What is upper level accounting?
Upper level accounting is junior, senior, and/or graduate level accounting courses.

What can be counted toward the business requirement?
Business can be economics, marketing, management, statistics, business law, finance, business information systems, etc.

Can law courses given through the accounting department be counted toward the upper level accounting requirement?
Tax law is the only course counted toward the accounting requirement.

Can courses taken at a community college be accepted?
Courses taken at a community college can be accepted. However, accounting courses used to meet the accounting requirement that were taken at a community college must be transferred into a four-year accredited institution in order to be counted.

If there is a course that I feel is questionable as to whether or not it would count toward the accounting requirement, what should I do?
Submit a course description, obtained from the school or the school’s website, with the licensing application.


When is experience to be completed?
Not more than one year immediately preceding the application date.

Will an online verification of my supervisor’s license suffice?
Yes. The online verification must have the name, license number, issue date and expiration date in order to be accepted. If the online verification does not include the items listed above, you must submit an official request to the board.

The application states not to use “current” or “present” as the ending date for my current employment. What should I use?
You may use the date of application as the ending date.

There is not enough space on the application for my job description. What should I do?
Attach additional sheets as needed. The supervisor must sign off on each individual sheet.

Where can I find specific information regarding experience?
Take a look at this document from the Georgia Board’s website.

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