CPEtracking Program for the Missouri State Board of Accountancy

The Missouri State Board of Accountancy (“Board”) has used the CPEtracking platform since 2012. The service is open and available to all active licensed Missouri CPAs. If selected for CPE audit, licensees will be required to comply with the audit by submitting earned CPE records using the CPEtracking tool including CPE credit information and supporting documentation for the reporting period being audited.

The data submitted by licensees will be evaluated for compliance with Missouri’s minimum CPE requirements using NASBA’s CPEtracking rules engine software that is programmed with all the state CPE rules and requirements. Missouri State Board of Accountancy staff will review all submitted supporting documentation to assure that it corresponds with the CPE course and credit information supplied by the licensees and that it adheres to the Missouri Board’s policies for acceptable supporting documentation.

Missouri Licensees randomly selected in the audit pool will be mailed audit notice letters. Licensees selected for audit will need their Missouri CPA license number and state issued PIN to log into their accounts. They must also have Certificates of Completion and other supporting documentation in an electronic format such as PDF or JPEG files. Paper documents will need to be scanned in advance of entering credit information so they can be attached to the CPE credit records in their accounts.

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