Author: Seth Goodowens, Executive Assistant
Posted: July 6, 2023

Are you a CPA Exam candidate needing guidance on how to navigate the Prometric website to schedule your upcoming Exam? If so, this blog is for you!

After you receive your Notice to Schedule (NTS), you can start the process of scheduling your CPA Exam appointment. NASBA’s CPA Examination Services team recommends you schedule your Exam appointment at least 45 days in advance. This will give you the best option of available appointments as trying to schedule closer to your desired testing date will have limited availability, if any. 

Candidates can take their Exam at any Prometric testing center, which offers the CPA Exam. However, there are restrictions as some jurisdictions do not allow testing at international locations. Because of this, it is important to be aware of the geographical location in which you would like to take your Exam.  

To schedule your Exam, visit the Prometric website here: Keep in mind, Prometric offers a few different “actions” on their website:

The “Locate” action only allows you to search for available Exam appointments for the address you provided within two-week increments.

The “Schedule” action allows you to schedule your appointment based on the address you provided within the two-week window you select. However, when scheduling your Exam, you will only see appointments for testing centers based on the “region” designation of your NTS. All NTSs start as a “domestic” NTS, meaning you can only use it to schedule your Exam appointments at North American (U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands) testing centers. So, when using the “Schedule” action, you will not see appointments in Guam or international locations. If you wish to schedule your appointment at the Guam testing center, you must pay the Guam Administration Fee. If you wish to schedule your Exam appointment at an international testing center, you must pay the International Administration Fee. These administration fees are additional fees outside of the fees paid to obtain your original, “domestic” NTS. Also, you will not be able to pay these additional fees until after you have received your “domestic” NTS. The additional fees must be paid before you can use the ‘schedule’ tool to schedule your Exam appointment in Guam or an international location.

The “Confirm” action allows you to verify your scheduled appointment. Make sure you enter a valid email address when scheduling your appointment as you will receive a confirmation email, which will include all your appointment details.

Finally, the “Reschedule/Cancel” action will allow you to change your appointment location, date or time, or cancel the appointment altogether. Rescheduling can only be used if you are currently scheduled for the Exam. You would not use the rescheduling tool if you had an appointment and cancelled it. You would be scheduling your Exam as if you didn’t have an appointment. 

Prometric’s website will only show appointments through the “Locate” or “Schedule” actions in six-month increments from the current date. For example, on January 1 you can see appointments through July 1, on January 5 you can see appointments through July 5, etc. So, six months in advance is the farthest out you will be able to see and schedule an Exam appointment.

Also, Prometric testing centers are operated by third party businesses. This means the days and hours of operation will vary depending on each testing site.

If you are a candidate requiring a testing accommodation in order to take your Exam, you must wait until the accommodations are listed on your NTS before you schedule an appointment. If you apply then receive an NTS and schedule an Exam appointment before your accommodations are approved and listed, you WILL NOT have accommodations for your appointment. You must cancel your appointment and schedule a new one after the accommodations are listed on your NTS. Now, you are ready to navigate Prometric’s site.

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