In a statement recently issued to Boards of Accountancy and members of the academic community, NASBA due to the necessary and important focus on bringing CPA Evolution to fruition, NASBA has ceased publishing the Candidate Performance on the Uniform CPA Examination publication until this important transition is completed. This is effective with the 2020 edition forward. Significant changes to reflect the new exam and licensure structure are underway to the National Candidate Database, plus other NASBA systems and platforms.

The new CPA Exam core plus discipline structure also brings additional complexity to the publication format and data to be provided.

Quarterly reports will continue to be provided to each Board of Accountancy, and it is anticipated that annual summaries will also be made available. As always, accountancy boards may also continue to reach out to NASBA for additional information on an ad hoc basis.

Publications through 2019 remain available on our website,, for interested third parties.

For more information regarding this change, CLICK HERE to view Candidate Performance Book FAQs.

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