Q1. I am seeking our university data for accreditation purposes?  Is there a way I can get that information?

A1. Such information will not be available from NASBA at this time.  We encourage you to seek alternative sources of information or alternative measures of your program.

Q2.  Are you going to publish the top university pass rates?

A2. We are not going to publish the detailed pass rates and statistics for universities during this period.

Q3.  When do you anticipate starting to publish the Candidate Performance on the Uniform CPA Examination again?

A3. With CPA Evolution, we know that the publication will require significant reformatting. Much of the information will not be comparable to prior statistical information published.  At earliest, we might publish newly formatted 2024 data in 2025.

Q4.  Can I still request data for research purposes?

A4. The availability of data for research purposes will be severely restricted for the foreseeable future.  Depending on the purpose and nature of the research, as well as the ease of accessibility of the data, such requests will be considered on an ad hoc basis.  Please reach out to us via the link at Contact Us on our website for data inquiries.

Q5.  Is your research grant program still going to continue?

A5. Absolutely.  In fact, the 2022 Call for Proposals is open now through Friday, March 11, 2022 (11:59 pm Central Time). Submissions must be made to [email protected]. Questions regarding the submission process should also be sent to this same email address. See our website for more information about the grant program.

Q6.  Can I still order older editions if my entity is tax exempt?

A6. NASBA staff remain available to help you place your order manually if your entity is tax exempt.  Please reach out to us via the link at Contact Us on our website for assistance.