The Resource Library offers samples of articles, infographics, videos and posts, all of which have been produced for NASBA or its members. Whether you are planning your next internal communications piece or a social media campaign, you are encouraged to reference this page for items that can enhance your Board’s communication outreach.

NASBA is proud to help our members, therefore everything featured on this page is customizable. When you see an item that you would like to use, but want it tailored to your Board of Accountancy, contact NASBA and we can assist in polishing the item. If you choose to use an item exactly as it is shown here, please be sure to acknowledge the source that is referenced.


Below you will find thumbnails of infographics created and used by NASBA. Boards of Accountancy can utilize these infographics in their communications, including newsletters, mass emails and/or social media posts. If you see an infographic, but want it tailored to your BOA needs, contact NASBA and our staff will help you.

    Accounting Facts

    Score Release

    Tax Prep Phishing

Newsletter Articles

Whether you would like to highlight a License Renewal process/deadline, CPE Audit Reports, Disciplinary Reports, Peer Review or Rule and/or Statute Changes, NASBA’s Communications team is here to help. Below are links to previously published articles that can be used as a guideline or in its entirety for your communications.

> Investigators-Expert Witnesses Article
> AAA Confers on Technology Education
> Concern Over CPA Domain
> Misconduct and Prohibited Items During Testing
> President’s Memo – The Demise of the Certified Public Accountant Part I
> President’s Memo – The Demise of the Certified Public Accountant Part II
> Successful Launch of CPA Exam


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