On September 22 from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. Geneva, NASBA Senior Examination Coordinator/State Board Liaison, and Seth, NASBA Executive Assistant, Client Services, answered questions during a Facebook Chat about CPA Exam Application 101. Below, you will find questions from the Facebook Chat participants and the answers Geneva and Seth provided.

Q: I am currently studying for the 2nd test and plan to test late October. I am targeting my next exam for early 2017 but know that the testing changes to the 2017 version April 1. My question is will I be taking the 2016 version if it’s past that date or will the last portion of the exam be the 2017 version?
A: Any test you take on or after April 1, 2017 will be the next version of the CPA Exam. Good luck!
Q: Thanks, just a quick follow up – it’s no problem that 3 portions passed are a prior year and the final portion is the most "recent" exam – so long as all 4 are completed in 18-months? Is that correct?
Reply from other participant: From what I have read and talked to my co-workers the parts you pass prior to the April 1 changes, those tests will grandfather in. If you pass the other sections before the 18-month window, they will count.
A: The above answers are correct!

Q: What difference does ethics exam brings to career? What are the added advantages of taking license after passing 4 exams?
A: Depending on the state you test in, the ethics portion may or may not be required. Pursuing CPA licensure and having the designation behind your name will enhance your business career. Good luck!

Q: I am currently working a full-time job that provides Becker. I took my first section and did not pass. Is there something you would recommend on doing to ensure passing? (aside from just studying as much as possible?) anything in particular?
A: There is no way to ensure you will pass, but we recommend you visit: https://www.thiswaytocpa.com/ to view testimonials from previous CPA candidates.
Q: What are some ways you’ve heard candidates testing and just being like "THAT WORKED." I can google testimonials. I was wanting tips on study habits, and study material
A: We are not allowed to recommend one test prep group over another, but those testimonials will give you advice on how they were successful in passing the Exam. There is also a section that shows reviews for different study providers on ThisWayToCPA.
Q: I don’t mean exam prep material. I mean like taking the AICPA release questions versus doing the homework that I am given per the review course.
A: The AICPA does not provide questions, but they do provide a tutorial/samples tests: http://www.aicpa.org/…/Pages/exam_tutorial_parallel.aspx.

Q: How will the new changes in the CPA exam scheduled for next April effect score release dates? #CPACandidateChat
A: This link will provide you with information regarding the next version of the CPA Exam: https://nasba.org/…/update-on-next-version-of-cpa…/.

Q: Hi, thank you for that useful chat, I’m Egyptian and I will attend the exam at Kuwait:
1- I’m trying to choose the right state to attend the CPA exam with it and to have the license later but I don’t know how can I choose the state ?so NASBA can help me about this point?
2- Before I went to the college I get studies for 2 years at institute which give me exemption of 2 Corse when I logged to the college that’s mean I studied at the faculty of commerce 38 Corse instead of 40 so when I will send my certificate for evaluation I need to send both for the evaluation (the certificate of the institute and the university )?
3- What is the documents need to send for the evaluation?
4- Which service I need to choose for the evaluation?
5- May I know more about pre-evaluation service mean?
Thank you for all the useful information and for your time.
A: Hi Amro – Please contact NIES to receive answers to all of your questions. This website is also very helpful: https://nasba.org/…/nasbainternationalevaluationse…/. Feel free to contact NIES for further information at [email protected].

Q: This is my last semester. I’m within the 180 window, so I started the application process. I have one more transcript to arrive by mail to complete my transcripts & COE. Once that is submitted, approximately how long until I receive my Notice to Schedule?
A: Hi Paula – Please allow two to four weeks from your file completion date (when application, fees and all additional required materials have been received) for your application to be processed. Good luck!

Q: Hi. Is it fine to pass a CPA exam and only then start working in a CPA company to get a required 1 (?) or 2(?) year experience in order to get a CPA license? The results of CPA exam do not expire, correct? Thank you.
A: It depends on your jurisdiction. Most jurisdictions do not expire scores after you pass all four sections, however, some do.

Q: Hi. I completed my application and received my NTS, but it expired on September 2nd before I could sit for all the exams. What do I do next so I can start scheduling my next exams?
A: Hi Julie – If you registered through CPA Central, then you would just need to log back into your user account and click apply to complete a re-exam registration. If you registered through your state board, you will need to contact them directly for registration.
Q: I registered through California. Is it possible to switch to CPA Central? Or would I have to resubmit all of the transcripts and other documentation?
A: Since you are a California candidate, you will need to go through the California board.

Q: I know that there are a limited number of "spots" available at any given time to take a CPA module, simply due to the available spaces in a testing center. Is there a limit to how many of each module is available? I know many people are hoping to complete the BEC before the new test. Is it possible that will fill up but others will be open? If so, can I transfer my registration to another test?
A: The modules are not limited based on reservations. Good luck!

Q: Hi – I recently applied for the AUD exam and received the notification that "Authorization to Test (ATT) Accepted by NASBA". However, I haven’t received the payment coupon from NASBA. 1) Will they send me this via email/mail? 2) When will the AUD take place/offered – as for now, I don’t have any information yet?
A: You will need to contact your NCD coordinator at [email protected] in order to request your payment coupon to be resent. Once you have received your payment coupon, you will be able to make a payment through our website and receive your NTS via your contact preference. 2) You will be able to test within the time frame your NTS is valid, not including the non-testing months.