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Enforcement Newsletter

May 2014

The Enforcement Resources Committee has worked diligently with NASBA to develop various tools to assist the Boards of Accountancy in their enforcement efforts. As each new tool was developed, it was placed in the most appropriate section of the website. With a multitude of tools now available to our boards, a new Enforcement Tools section has been created on for your convenience.

The new Enforcement Tools web pages will take the user to each of the enforcement resources, providing a brief overview of the specific tool and its benefits. The resources currently available include:

Federal Enforcement
SEC/IRS Quarterly Enforcement Reports

Enforcement Documents
Enforcement Newsletters
Enforcement Resource Guide

Investigators & Expert Witnesses
Becoming an Investigator or Expert Witness
Retaining an Investigator or Expert Witness
Investigator Training Series

All resources are available to the public with the exception of the Enforcement Resources Guide, which is available to current executive directors and members of boards of accountancy. The new web pages can be accessed by hovering over the “Member Center” tab on the home page, and clicking “Enforcement Tools.” Or, you can click here. You may want to bookmark this link for future reference.

If you have any questions regarding the new Enforcement Tools web pages, please contact Stacey Grooms at

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