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Enforcement Newsletter

May 2014

This quarter a new email alert may have arrived in your inbox.

During our usual audits of the data in the ALD, we discovered that, at times, one or more licensees might have a status that is incongruous with the “deceased” status that he or she has with another board.

This new report was built in the same manner and style as the ALD disciplinary email alert and will notify you of an inconsistent status so that you can update your records as necessary. The ALD/CPAverify Committee endorsed the addition of these new deceased alerts because they believe this information would be valuable to the Boards of Accountancy.

As with the disciplinary alerts, you will periodically see large amounts of records arrive when new states are added to the database. We have seven datasets in queue to be added to the ALD and CPAverify in the coming months, so be on the lookout for additional catch-up alerts as implementations are completed.

We hope that this addition makes the ALD even more valuable to you than before. If you have any questions about the deceased email alerts or the ALD, please contact Elizabeth Stanton at

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