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Enforcement Newsletter

July 2016

To help identify potential investigators and expert witnesses, NASBA has created an online application to be used by potential applicants to submit their information, including experience, education, prior trial history, etc.

Investigator-Expert graphic

The applicant can also electronically attach their CV. This information is automatically mapped into the database and available to all Boards of Accountancy. Obviously, expert witnesses are needed on a case-by-case basis, and subject matter expertise is of the utmost importance to ensuring a fair outcome during any disciplinary proceeding.

This resource allows Boards to search the available expert witnesses and choose the expert that is most appropriate for their particular case. Also, some Boards do not have access to CPA investigators but rather obtain their investigators through the umbrella department’s investigative unit.

Again, this resource helps to bring together those CPAs who are interested in providing investigative services with Boards of Accountancy in need of their particular expertise. However, these tools are only useful if they are populated by interested CPAs. To that end, NASBA is hoping that state societies will share these application links with their members.

This is another step in helping ensure that the best resources are available to the regulators and the professionals they regulate.

> Expert Witness Pool
> Investigator Pool

For additional information, contact Stacey Grooms.

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