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Enforcement Newsletter

July 2016

Are you interested in finding out if any PTIN holders in your jurisdictions are holding out as CPAs without proper licensure?

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Beginning in 2014, NASBA and the Enforcement Resources Committee have submitted an annual FOIA request to the IRS to obtain the PTIN listing and shared that information with the boards. PTIN applications/renewals must be submitted between October and December each year, so we delayed our FOIA request this year until March in order to ensure that we capture data from the updated IRS files.

NASBA received the 2016 PTIN listing and has sorted the listing by the state listed in the PTIN holder’s business address, as this is the only jurisdictional identifier available in the PTIN information. The state-specific listings were emailed to the Executive Directors during the week of June 6th. If you did not receive a listing or have any questions, please contact Stacey Grooms at

The PTIN listings include those tax return preparers who have listed their business address in your jurisdiction and have listed a CPA credential in their PTIN application/renewal. In addition to other ways the boards might utilize this information, it should help the boards to identify unlicensed individuals holding out to the IRS, and perhaps to their tax clients, as CPAs.

If you need to follow up with the IRS regarding any PTIN holder information, the contact information is provided below:

Stephen Whitlock, Director
Office of Professional Responsibility
Internal Revenue Service

More information about the PTIN listing and IRS contacts can be found on the Enforcement Tools web pages.

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