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Enforcement Newsletter

February 2016


The Enforcement Newsletters have continually hosted articles summarizing the great information available to Executive Directors through the Enforcement Resource Guide. This edition is no different, with a summary of Component 9 included in the "Did You Know" section of this newsletter. The Enforcement Resources Guide (ERG) has always been an evergreen document with periodic updates to ensure that information is accurate and relevant. During 2015, the Enforcement Resources Committee reviewed and revised the entire ERG to update language to better reflect the enforcement practices of the Boards. A great benefit resulting from this update is the inclusion of updated case law and attorney general opinions in the Appendix of the ERG. Also, in response to requests by Executive Directors that there be a printable version of the ERG for their use, a printable version is now accessible within the password protected portal.

Executive Directors are cautioned to remember that only the online ERG can be relied upon for the latest updates and that any printed copies should be retained by the Executive Directors as confidential documentation to protect the proprietary work of the Committee and the samples, forms, and manuals shared by other Boards. This information is not public record and should be treated accordingly.

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