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Enforcement Newsletter

February 2015

Tired of waiting for license verification forms to come in? Do it yourself!

Expedite the license verification process using the ALD to serve the purpose of the conventional Interstate Exchange of Examination and Licensure Information forms. The PDF button on each ALD record is there for you and your staffers to use to print off the ALD record or save it in your database in situations where license verification is required, such as when processing a Reciprocity license application. Licensing history is available for 50 of the 55 licensing jurisdictions. For many, disciplinary history is available and even some exam grades.

expedite verifications option 2

As long as the Board is not required by law or rule to use a specific form, this option would allow you and your staff to expedite the process and eliminate the paper. You can run your own license verification right there on the spot.

The PDF record can then be printed off and added to an applicant’s file in place of the Interstate Exchange form or could be saved as a digital file and attached to an electronic record in a Board’s system, depending on each Board’s policies and platform.

For those Boards that require exam scores for Initial Transfer of Grades applicants and Reciprocity applicants, be sure to contact Pat Hartman to inquire about using the NASBAstore’s Grade Transfer service as an option for electronically handling grades transfers. Eliminate the paper! Together, with the ALD for license and disciplinary history and the NASBAstore for exam scores, the entire paper-based Interstate Exchange process can be streamlined and moved online creating a more paperless, efficient and convenient process for Board staff and license applicants.

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