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Enforcement Newsletter

February 2015

Looking for enforcement resources? Like buried treasure, there are nuggets of gold in the Enforcement Tools web page section of If you need general enforcement information, such as sample forms, enforcement manuals/policies, or information contained in past copies of the Enforcement newsletters, all this information is available under the “Enforcement Documents” section of the webpage.

If you are following up on enforcement actions displayed in the Quarterly Enforcement Reports or the PTIN/EBP Audit lists, those reports and accompanying guidance information can be found in the “Federal Enforcement” section.

Perhaps you need to obtain an investigator or expert witness in order to proceed in an enforcement action, or you simply need to provide more accounting specific training to your investigators to improve the investigative results in anticipation of enforcement proceedings, the resources you need are located in the Investigator and Expert Witness section. If you have any questions about the webpage, please contact Stacey Grooms at


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