Social media is an effective means of communication and outreach for Boards of Accountancy. Whether your board is starting from scratch or already has vibrant online presence, we offer a range of services that can help you make the most of these powerful new communication tools.

Account Setup and Walkthrough

If you’re new to using social media, we can walk you through everything from setting up an account or profile to publishing content and connecting with the wider accounting profession online. In most cases, a simple phone conversation is all it takes to get started.

Graphic Design Support

Having high-quality graphics is proven to improve your growth and outreach efforts on social media. Our graphic design team can help you conceptualize and produce professional-looking profile pictures and cover photos that follow up-to-date social media image standards.

Content Development

What are the goals for your board’s social media channels? We can help you form a content plan and posting schedule, according to best practices, that will make the most of your resources and help you meet those goals.

Page/Campaign Promotion

As part of NASBA’s ongoing mission to serve the Boards of Accountancy, we are always happy to promote content from a board’s social media account to our 140,000+ followers. If you have an update, campaign or PSA you wish to share with NASBA’s network, simply let us know and we will coordinate the best way to share it.


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