To ensure that your email is professional, polished and timely, the following guidelines have been established by NASBA’s Communication team for Boards of Accountancy requesting assistance with mass email services.


One of the first steps to creating your Board’s mass email is to choose the design, color scheme and template.  Templates can be created based off of the board’s website, newsletter design or branding.


Content may be submitted via email in a Microsoft Word document.


Boards may submit photographs and graphics via email to accompany their content. Low-resolution jpg or png files are acceptable for digital publication (low resolution files are generally 72 dpi and small in size).


Once the email is constructed, a “test” email will be sent to the executive director and/or designated staff member for review. During this review, all parties are encouraged to check grammar, misspellings, active links and attachments.

To submit your corrections, do not reply to the test email. Instead, you will send a direct email to the graphic designer and communications manager. In this email, you will provide your corrections and/or final approval for distribution.


Final approval must be received from the executive director and/or designated staff member to schedule the email for distribution.

Email List

Please submit a Microsoft Excel or csv file of the email addresses of the persons to receive the email (preferably at the same time in which initial draft copy is submitted). Lastly, please provide us with a return email address to include in the email.

Response Report

After the email is sent to the email list, a response report will be provided to the board approximately 48 hours following your email campaign launch. The report includes the number of emails sent, total opened, total bouncebacks, total click-throughs, and social sharing.


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