Committee Charge

Nominate officers and directors, in accordance with NASBA’s Bylaws.


Telford A. Lodden, CPA (IA)

Central Region:

Michele M. Stromp, CPA (NE)
Alternate: Holly Brunick, CPA (SD)

Great Lakes Region:
Barry M. Berkowitz, CPA (PA)
Alternate: James P. Gero, CPA (OH)

Middle-Atlantic Region:
Marc Moyers, CPA (VA)
Alternate: Barton W. Baldwin, CPA (NC)

Mountain Region:
Karen Forrest Turner, Ph.D., CPA (CO)
Alternate: Cheryl M. Guiddy, CPA (ID)

Northeast Region:
Michael Weinshel, CPA (CT)
Alternate: Frederick G. Briggs, Jr., CPA (NH)

Pacific Region:
Ruben A. Davila, CPA, Esq. (CA)
Alternate: Thomas T. Ueno, CPA (HI)

Southeast Region:
Willie B. Sims, Jr., CPA (MS)
Alternate: David L. Dennis, CPA (FL)

Southwest Region:
Barbara A. Ley, CPA (OK)
Alternate: Thomas G. Prothro, CPA (TX)

NASBA Staff Liaisons

Ken L. Bishop
Anita Holt

Telford A. Lodden, CPA
2018 Committee Chair