Committee Charge

Promote effective, efficient, and where appropriate, uniform enforcement of professional standards by Boards of Accountancy.

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Harry O. Parsons, CPA


W. Barclay Bradshaw, CPA
Larry Brown, CPA
D. Boyd Busby, CPA, CGMA
Michael M. Guinigundo, CPA
D. Jae Hallett, CPA
Robert J. Helm, CPA
Nicola Neilon, CPA
Emily R. Rollins, CPA
Douglas W. Skiles, CPA
Michael J. Swartz, CPA
Dan Sweetwood
Patrick M. Thorne, CPA, MBA, CGMA
Lawrence A. Wojcik
Michael H. Womble, CPA

NASBA Staff Liaison

Stacey L. Grooms, Esq.
Regulatory Affairs Manager

Harry O. Parsons, CPA,
2016 Committee Chair