Committee Charge

Support the Boards of Accountancy by representing NASBA in the academic community and serving as an advisory resource to NASBA’s Chair on education matters related to the accounting profession.


Raymond N. Johnson, CPA, Ph.D.


Charles H. Calhoun, III, DBA, CPA
Ruben A. Davila, CPA, Esq.
William Dresnack, CPA
Rick Elam, Ph.D., CPA
Kevin M. Fountain, CPA, Esq.
Daniel L. Fulks, CPA, Ph.D.
Carlos E. Johnson, CPA
Rhonda Kodjayan, CPA
Nicholas J. Mastracchio, Jr., Ph.D., CPA
Marianne Mickelson, Ed.D
Angela L. Pannell, CPA
Martin Pittioni
John J. Sheehan, CPA, J.D.

NASBA Staff Liaisons

Alfonzo Alexander
Chief Relationship Officer

Brentni Henderson
Business Development and Research Manager

Raymond N. Johnson, CPA, Ph.D.
2016 Committee Chair