Committee Charge

Review, evaluate and report on the appropriateness of the policies and procedures utilized in the preparation, grading and administration of the Uniform CPA Examination and other examinations in general use by Boards of Accountancy for the licensing of certified public accountants; examine such records, and make observations, inspections, and inquiries as it deems necessary; and report annually to the Boards of Accountancy.


Douglas W. Skiles, CPA

Vice Chair

Ruben A. Davila, CPA, Esq.


Janet Booker-Davis, CPA
Marianne E. DeVries
C. Jack Emmons, CPA, CFE


Sheena Murphy


Michael W. Harnish
Technology Consultant

Suzanne Lane, Ph.D.
Psychometric Consultant

Douglas W. Skiles,CPA
2020-21 Committee Chair