The PROC video training series has been developed to provide guidance and uniformity to Boards of Accountancy and their Peer Review Oversight Committees. The two-part training series is intended to be used as a resource for Boards in the early stages of developing and establishing a PROC, as well as for Boards that have experience in operating a PROC. Both parts of the series are broken into modules to strategically deliver the content and information in bite-sized chunks.

Below you will find the two-part series: NASBA Guide to Developing a PROC (two modules) and the NASBA Guide to Operating a PROC (two modules). Click on and review these training modules for steps and guidance in setting up a PROC, as well as recommendations, tips and tools for operating and managing the process.

NASBA Guide to Developing a PROC

> Module 1: First Steps
> Module 2: PROC Organization

NASBA Guide to Operating a PROC

> Module 1: Managing the Process
> Module 2: Documentation & Reporting

> Peer Review Process Video

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