Committee Charge

Promote effective oversight of compliance with professional standards by CPAs and their firms.

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John F. Dailey, Jr., CPA


Ellen K. Adkins
David I. Bridgers, Jr., CPA
Frederick G. Briggs, Jr., CPA
Sherry L. Chesser, CPA
Elizabeth Gantnier, CPA
James P. Gero, CPA
Mark T. Hobbs, CPA
Stephen F. Langowski, CPA
G. Alan Long, CPA
Michael S. McClure, CPA
John H. Schuyler, CPA
Arthur L. Sparks, Jr., CPA
Lori Dawn Warden, CPA
Lawrence A. Wojcik

NASBA Staff Liaison

Rebecca Gebhardt

John F. Dailey, Jr., CPA
2018 Committee Chair