When should I expect to receive my scores?
You can refer to the score release timeline from the AICPA to see when your scores will be sent to NASBA.
All scores for that “release date” should be posted within 48 hours from when NASBA started receiving the scores.

Where do I go to retrieve my score?
CA candidates will obtain your scores from your board of accountancy’s website.
All other states will obtain their scores from your Candidate Portal.

What does the “score available until” mean above my advisory score?
The NASBA CPA Candidate Account does not permanently house your scores. You can only view the scores that were released for the current window. After the expiration date listed you will no longer be able to view your advisory score or the score notice. You should print the Score Notice once it is available to keep for your records.

Where is my score notice / performance report?
Your score notice/performance report will be posted to your CPA Portal within 72 hours from when your advisory score is posted. This is your score notice which also shows your candidate performance report (if you failed the Exam.) it is recommended to print these scores notices. Once the score is removed from the NASBA CPA Candidate Account, you will not be able to view/print the score notice again. For additional information regarding the score notice please reach out to your state coordinator: https://nasba.org/contact-us/.

How do I read the performance report?
You will need to refer to the AICPA’s website regarding their CPA Exam Scoring.
https://www.aicpa.org/becomeacpa/cpaexam/psychometricsandscoring.html .

I failed the Exam section and cannot reregister for it?
It can take up to 5 days from when your advisory score has been posted for that section to fully close out. You will have to continue to check the online application to see when the section re-opens to allow you to register for it.

I failed the Exam, but I was close to passing. How can I be sure my score is correct?
If you do not think your score is correct, you may file for a Score Review.

The score review process involves making certain that the approved answer keys were used and applied correctly in determining a candidate’s score and is not an opportunity to have alternate responses considered. It is simply an additional independent verification of your Exam score. Please keep in mind that all scores undergo thorough quality control checks before they are released.

Given all the quality control reviews already completed, it is highly unlikely that your score will change due to a score review.

I believe there was an error in an actual question that I saw during my Exam?
You will need to reach out to the AICPA to report any issues regarding the content of the exam. Inquires can be faxed to 609-671-2922 or you may email [email protected].

I am waiting on my final Exam score and it is set to be released AFTER my first credit expires. Will I lose my Exam credit?
As long as you TAKE your final exam section BEFORE your first exam credit expires and when you receive your score it is passing, then you would not lose that first exam credit. All expiration times are set on Central Standard Time and are not calculated by your exam appointment time. If your first credit expires on January 31st, it is recommended that you take your final section on January 30th.

Score Review FEE: $240.00

Because all scores undergo several quality control checks before they are reported, a score review seldom results in a score change.

Note: Your entire examinations are not accessible, and the correct answers to their incorrect questions are not provided. The original incorrect responses are also not provided during this process.

For additional information, please visit the Score Review section. You may also contact 1-800-CPA-EXAM or email: [email protected].

Appeal Process FEE: $550.00 + $100.00 per TBS being appealed
For details on the Score Appeal process, please visit the Score Appeal section.

Score Appeals are not permitted in the following jurisdictions:

  • California
  • District of Columbia
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Montana
  • Texas
  • Virginia

In the jurisdictions that allow appeals, the process provides you with the opportunity to appeal a failing score. The appeal option enables you to view the multiple-choice test questions or objective simulation problems that you answered incorrectly together with their responses, and to submit comments online. The appeal does not include the written communication tasks.

The confidentiality of the Exam requires that such viewing sessions take place only in authorized locations, under highly secure conditions, and in the presence of a representative of your Board of Accountancy or its designee.

You are not allowed to bring any reference materials to the Score Appeal session. The same security measures adhered to at a testing center are also required at the session. Please be advised that historically, a score has never been changed as a result of a Score Appeal.

For additional information, please contact 1-800-CPA-EXAM or email: [email protected].

Successful Candidate Letters
If you tested through jurisdictions represented by CPA Examination Services (CPAES) – except Florida – and would like a Successful Candidate Letter, you may use our paid services provided through NASBA Store. The fee is $25.