December 5, 2012

The National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA), the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) and Prometric will expand the international testing window in all countries where the exam is administered internationally – Bahrain, Brazil, Kuwait, Japan, Lebanon, and United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Beginning on January 1, 2013, the CPA Exam will be offered during the first two months of the testing window, the same as candidates sitting for the exam in the 55 state board jurisdictions; that is, during the months of January and February, April and May, July and August and October and November.

Scores for international candidates will be released on the same timeline as domestic scores. A summary of the scoring timeline is provided in the following table:

Day in Testing Window* Target Release Date Timeline
Day 1 – 20 11 business days following day 20 of the testing window
Day 21 – 45 6 business days following day 45 of the testing window
Day 46 – Close of window 6 business days following the close of the testing window
After Close of Window 6 business days after receiving all scoring data for the testing window

* Day that the test results are received by the AICPA

Note: “Day in Testing Window” refers to the date AICPA receives the test result, not the test date. Additionally, some candidates who take the BEC section might receive their scores approximately one week following the target release date due to additional analysis that might be required for the written communication tasks. Scores are generally released during regular business hours.

We encourage you to visit the Psychometrics and Scoring page on the Exams website for information about score release and the scoring process, including the CPA Exam Score Release Timeline FAQs.

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