Passport Required for CPA Exam in Middle East, Brazil, and Japan.

Dear CPA Candidate,

All Candidates should review the Test Center Regulation form and the Candidate Guide prior to arriving at the center.

All CPA Candidates testing in the Middle East, Brazil, and Japan are required to bring the following to the Test Center on the day of their exam:

  • A valid, non-expired Passport NOTE: You must have a passport to test.
  • A secondary ID if required (see below)
  • Current NTS Letter

Please see the information below from the CPA Candidate Guide.

Primary Forms of Identification
The primary form of identification for a candidate wishing to sit for the Uniform CPA Exam in an international location is a valid (not expired) Passport with photo and signature. If the Passport you present is not signed, you will be required to present a secondary form of identification.

* Important: If you cannot present a valid, Government-issued Passport (non-expired with a picture and signature), you will not be allowed to test. If the Passport is not issued by Japan, the United States, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Columbia, Argentina, or Venezuela then you will be required to present a National ID card (Middle East or Brazil), Alien Registration card (Japan), Residency Visa, or a NASBA-provided ID.

Secondary Forms of Identification
Secondary forms of identification must include candidate’s signature. Acceptable forms of secondary identification include:

  • Alien registration card
  • National ID card
  • A valid (not expired) driver’s license
  • A valid (not expired) U.S. Military ID
  • Accountancy board-issued identification (if provided by board)
  • Valid credit card
  • Bank card

The following are unacceptable forms of identification:

  • Employee card or ID
  • Social Security Card (U.S. Citizens)
  • A student identification card
  • A U.S. permanent residency card (green card)

NASBA Identification Card
Candidates may request a NASBA Identification Card if:

  • You possess a valid, UNSIGNED Passport. (i.e., a signature is not required on your Passport by issuing government)
  • You do not possess a valid secondary form of identification as required to take the Uniform CPA Examination

For additional information about the NASBA Identification Card, please visit

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