How to Apply for the Uniform CPA Examination

Please visit the Wyoming Board of Certified Public Accountants website for more information.

NASBA Advisory Evaluation

Wyoming offers the NASBA Advisory Evaluation as an optional service. An advisory Evaluation will identify any academic deficiencies in your education before you submit a first-time application for the Exam. Click here to download an application for this service.

Payment Coupon

This service allows you to pay the Exam fees via a NASBA Payment Coupon. The NASBA Payment Coupon is sent to you via the contact preference as indicated on your application/registration. If you have not received a NASBA Payment Coupon, you cannot pay the Exam fees via this service.

You need your Payment Coupon and credit card to proceed.

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You should receive your Notice to Schedule (NTS) within four business days of paying your Exam fee. If you do not receive your NTS, call a NASBA Candidate Service Associate at 1-866-MY-NASBA or

You will not be able to schedule an Exam appointment or take the Exam without a valid NTS.


Whom Should I Contact?

Contact NASBA: For questions about receiving/replacing your NTS, payment coupons (if applicable) and general comments about the test center where you took the Exam:

Contact Prometric: For questions about scheduling, rescheduling or canceling your Exam appointment:

For questions about name and/or address changes, Exam scores and eligibility to take the Exam:



Wyoming Board of Certified Public Accountants
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