Author: Cheryl Farrar, Chief Information Officer
    Posted: Nov. 16, 2023

    As part of completing the CPA Evolution user acceptance testing, NASBA recently partnered with the Tennessee School for the Blind in an effort to confirm that the new system was web accessible. Tennessee School of the Blind volunteered high school students to participate in this effort. These students are visually impaired or totally blind. When NASBA reached out to the school to seek their interest in testing, they were happy to assist. 

    Partners in this testing work included:

    • Tammy Parsons, Vice Principal
    • Andy Joiner, Work-Based Learning and Athletic Director
    • Andrew Bush, a senior who is aspiring to become a computer science major.
    • Tegan Tedlock, a junior who hopes to attend Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) to become a teacher.
    • Jordon Bartley, a senior who plans to attend MTSU to become an agricultural biologist.

    Overall, the testing went well. They were able to test on three different browsers and PCs. The tools used were a braille keyboard, JAWS screen reader, NonVisual Desktop Access (NVDA) and a screen magnification tool. The students were able to create an account, apply for evaluation and one student submitted a Notice to Schedule (NTS). 

    Testers provided valuable feedback to allow CGI to further improve the interface for visually impaired or blind candidates. While necessary improvements were uncovered, like spacing issues, all findings were turned into IT tickets that CGI is addressing. 

    CGI collaborated with NASBA on this testing. During both visits, CGI sent developers and leadership to witness the feedback firsthand.  

    The staff and students were so proud to participate in the testing. It meant a lot to them that NASBA cares about improving accessibility to the CPA profession. 

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