Author: Amy Tongate, Associate Director, CPE Services and ALD
    Posted: Nov. 13, 2023

    At, individuals and organizations can conveniently search for the current license information of a CPA or accounting firm whose services they are using or considering using. Official, publicly available licensing data sent by 53 Boards of Accountancy to the NASBA Accountancy Licensee Database (ALD) populates CPAVerify. If a CPA is licensed in more than one jurisdiction, all the professional’s licenses are listed in a single search. 

    Common misconceptions about CPAVerify include: 

    • CPAVerify has additional information about the CPA and firm other than what is displayed on the site. This is not the case- interested parties should contact the respective Boards of Accountancy concerning the license if more information is needed. 
    • CPAVerify is a place to verify education or employment details for a CPA or details about license history or other firm business information. The site only contains the current information about a license and basic contact information (city, state). It does not contain any education, employment or historical information. 
    • CPAVerify is a place to file a complaint against a CPA or accounting firm. This is not the purpose of the site. For convenience, the links to the individual Board of Accountancy websites are listed on to help a person find each board’s complaint processes, forms and contact information. is the only official, free, single-source national database of licensed CPAs available to the public. It is a great resource for individuals and organizations to verify CPA and accounting firm credentials. 

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