Jimmy Chilimigras, age 15, became one of the youngest people on record to pass the Uniform CPA Exam this June. After graduating from high school at age 12 and completing both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees at age 14, the CPA Exam became the Mississippi native’s next challenge.  

Accounting was a field Chilimigras chose to study when he realized he had two options entering his college career; study something less challenging and coast through or take on something that would require him to apply himself in new ways. With law school in mind, he chose the latter, decided to study accounting and came to love the profession through his studies.  

His passion for accounting inspired him to take on his greatest feat yet – the CPA Exam. With the support of his friends, family, mentors and professors, Chilimigras conquered the Exam, only having to retake a section once. As he begins law school at Loyola University in the fall, Chilimigras hopes to one day become a tax accountant and apply his skills as a CPA in a way that suits his other interests and aspirations.   

Chilimigras recently stopped by NASBA’s Nashville headquarters during his summer travels. Learn more about his background and journey to CPA in the following highlight reel.    


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