In preparation for CPA Evolution, NASBA’s CPA Examination Services division is currently engaged in a system migration. To complete the migration, the Gateway System will undergo restructuring from August 25 to August 28, 2023.  

During this time, CPA Exam candidates will not have access to their NASBA CPA Portal account. However, they have been notified and encouraged in advance to print or download their Notice to Schedule (NTS) form prior to the scheduled outage. It is important to note that access for candidates to view their Exam scores will not be disrupted during the outage.  

The Gateway System will resume regular operations on August 29, 2023.  

As a reminder, the goals of the CPA Evolution initiative are to ensure that newly licensed CPAs have the necessary knowledge and skills best suited to serve the clients, businesses and the public at large in a rapidly changing world, that the CPA Exam remains relevant and addresses the emerging skills and competencies necessary in today’s marketplace, and that education is aligned to aid CPA candidates through the licensure process.  

The advancement of technologies to support the administration of the CPA Exam is another critical step to ensuring a successful transition to the new Exam.  

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