Are you a current state board member or associate wishing to broaden your leadership and participation in NASBA? If so, the NASBA Nominating Committee is actively seeking qualified persons to submit their interest in serving on the NASBA Board of Directors. 

A total of three director-at-large candidates and eight regional director candidates will be selected by the Nominating Committee at its June 29 meeting. Those selected will be elected into office during NASBA’s Annual Business Meeting in October 2023.  

NASBA directors-at-large are elected for a three-year term and may serve a maximum of two terms, plus any unexpired terms. Directors-at-large are responsible for attending NASBA Board meetings (held four times a year), attending one NASBA Regional Meeting (Eastern or Western), and chairing a NASBA committee. Estimated service for directors-at-large will comprise a minimum of 100 hours per year, and persons serving in this role must commit to active committee and Board participation. Virtual interviews for director-at-large will be held on June 22, 2023.  

Each regional director will serve a one-year term of office (and may serve a maximum of three terms). Regional directors are responsible for serving on NASBA’s Relations with Member Boards Committee, attending and moderating sessions during their respective NASBA Regional Meetings, facilitating regional conference calls twice per year (as needed), and committing to active participation in various committees and the NASBA Board of Directors. Estimated hours of service comprise a minimum of 100 hours per year. To qualify, candidates must be a member of their State Board of Accountancy at the time of or within six months of the Annual Business Meeting at which time they are elected to their current office on the Board.  

  • Director-at-large interest deadline: June 7, 2023 
  • Regional director interest deadline: June 14, 2023 

Interested parties seeking office are encouraged to submit a letter of interest with resume and biographical information to: NASBA Nominating Committee, W. Michael Fritz, Chair, 150 Fourth Avenue, North, Suite 700, Nashville, TN  37219.  

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